Navigating Last Mile Delivery

I’ve been reigniting my passion for sailing recently and I’ve been spending some time at the Property Construction Yacht Club (see here)

This experience has provided a fresh lens through which to view my work in logistics, drawing intriguing parallels between the strategic elements of both domains.

I’ve taken a slightly light-hearted, but nonetheless relevant look at the future of last-mile delivery in London.

Last-mile delivery, a crucial stretch in our logistics journey, demands precision and detailed planning. We employ robust strategies like FORS & CLOCS compliance, vehicle routing, GPS tracking, and contingency management, to ensure your projects receive materials and equipment as and when you expect, the delivery process is properly planned using vehicle routing, GPS tracking, contingency management and regulations compliance, much like a ship’s passage plan and safe arrival at port

In the voyage of logistics, we encounter diverse challenges relating to safety, the environment, local congestion, and community considerations. Our compass in these waters is the Construction Logistics Plan (CLP), a strategic tool that helps reduce the safety and environmental impacts of construction freight. This careful planning leads to better control of logistics, cost reductions, and optimised productivity​​.

CLPs incorporate planned measures such as scheduling using a Delivery Management System (DMS), adherence to designated vehicle routes, and utilisation of Construction Consolidation Centres. These strategies are our navigational aids, continually refined with the adoption of new technologies and methodologies, enhancing our effectiveness​​.

We’re excited to set our course for the future of last-mile delivery in London. Through collaboration and strategic planning, we aim to contribute to a safer, more sustainable, and more productive construction industry.

Stay connected for more updates as we continue our voyage towards continuous improvement.

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