CSB Logistics has provided specialist Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to construction and engineering industries for over 30 years. Our global freight services, storage and consolidation solutions and just-in-time site delivery management control the supply flow of project materials and equipment, ensuring onsite productivity is maintained.

With a core purpose of leading evolution in this unique sector and driven by our passion for customer service, quality and innovation, CSB has continuously developed project logistics management experience, intelligence, systems and technology.

Recognising that collaboration is key to the advancement of Construction Logistics, CSB is in constant pursuit of collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations: industry associations; local authorities; key customers and their clients; suppliers and fellow service providers.

At the start of a new decade of development CSB has launched exclusive professional services for established partners – Logistics Consultancy and 4PL Management.

Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)

As a forward-thinking business, 2020 marks the start of a new decade of growth for CSB Logistics. After 30 years of progressive internal development we are mobilising the experience and capabilities of our leadership and management team to offer premium services to key customers.

While our 3PL services will continue to provide invaluable daily support to projects, our logistics consultancy and management services offer guidance on strategic planning and solutions to effective implementation.

We are seeking further engagement with customers that are open to sharing a deeper level of professional intelligence and integration, than simply using our frontline services to solve the day-to-day problems of construction logistics.

As well as introducing professional consultancy services, CSB is now offering Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) management to select customers who want to build a successful partnership and futureproof logistics infrastructure.

Our 4PL services offer strategic planning, management and systems that reside over frontline logistics operations, regardless of whether those functions are in-house or provided by 3PL operators.

As your 4PL partner, CSB Logistics will integrate and coordinate with your procurement, logistics and project teams – and establish collaborative operations throughout supply chain networks.

Logistics Consultancy

To provide greater value to our trusted partners, while maintaining the best in frontline services, CSB is now sharing three decades of knowhow through exclusive consultancy services covering all aspects of project logistics and supply chain management:

  • Construction Logistics Plans (CLP) and Planned Measures
  • Supply Chain Management – Improving visibility, collaboration and communication
  • Smart Procurement – From source to site, end-to-end logistics procurement
  • Import / Export – Planning & operations, international regulations, Incoterms & documentation
  • Project Freight – Specialist consignments & out-of-gauge
  • Transit Packing & Handling Equipment – Design, specification & certification
  • Lifting Plans & Site Surveys – By qualified Appointed Person (AP)
  • Group-wide / multiple site logistics strategies
  • Post-Brexit strategies
  • Data-led logistics systems and AI technology
  • Systems development – Futureproofing